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NSW Energy Symposium - "The NEM after the Finkel Review"

Sydney, Wednesday 1 November 2017

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering NSW Division will hold a one-day Symposium in Sydney on the impact of the Finkel Review on energy security and the future of the National Electricity Market. It will address the key issues facing the industry, investors, policy makers and regulators and explore further the challenges identified in its 2016 Symposium on the transition of NEM generation away from coal.

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Victorian Energy Symposium - "After Hazelwood - Victoria's Electricity Future"

Tuesday 26 September 2017, Melbourne

Following the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station, Victoria is facing particular challenges for continuing supply of reliable and affordable electricity while substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation. While it is likely that about one-half of Victoria's supply will continue from brown coal power stations for several decades, there is a strong focus and drive to introduce a much greater proportion of renewables into the power system. In the longer term the majority of supply may be sourced from a range of renewables. And greater reliance on renewables requires additional solutions in the transmission, distribution and electricity management systems.

This ATSE symposium will bring together leading speakers from the government, regulation, industry and research communities to explore options and opportunities to maintain supply of reliable and affordable electricity while substantially reducing the greenhouse gas intensity of electricity generation. The symposium will explore challenges and solutions in electricity generation, transmission and distribution. It will explore the state's electricity future from the perspective of suppliers and users, addressing electricity generation technology options for Victoria, marginal abatement cost projections and the evolving role of networks and demand management.

Confirmed speakers include: 

  • Ms Chloe Munro FTSE, Former Chair, Clean Energy Regulator; Member, Finkel Review
  • Mr Paul Graham, Chief Economist Energy, CSIRO
  • Mr Innes Willox, Chief Executive, The Australian Industry Group
  • Ms Rosemary Sinclair, CEO, Energy Consumers Australia
  • Mr Andrew Vesey, Managing Director and CEO, AGL

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NSW Energy Symposium

Sydney, 8 November 2016

EPIA to partner with ATSE in a symposium "Beyond Coal - What Will Power NSW?"


The ATSE NSW Division will hold a one-day symposium in Sydney on the future of electricity generation and in particular, the transition away from coal in a carbon constrained environment and in a market subject to increasingly disruptive change.

It will address the key issues facing the industry, investors, policy makers and regulators.

  • What is the outlook for demand growth and what are the key influencing factors, including the rise of consumers who also produce energy?
  • How rapidly will low emission technologies displace coal and what are the technical challenges in integrating these low carbon sources into the power system?
  • What are the available options for the mix of generation technologies which will support the transition and ensure stability and reliability at least cost?
  • And given the investment challenge of up to $70B by 2030, on some estimates, who will be willing to invest?

These technical and economic developments also pose unprecedented challenges to policymakers and regulators because they represent a fundamental departure from the assumptions underpinning the initial development of our electricity market.

This ATSE Symposium will bring together a range of distinguished speakers with unmatched expertise who are well placed to provide fresh insights in an interactive format designed to facilitate discussion.

They include representatives from AEMO, the CSIRO, General Electric, AGL, the NSW Department of Industry, Transgrid, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the Grattan Institute.

Speakers include:

  • Peter Littlewood, former Director of Operations, China Light and Power, Hong Kong
  • Paul Italiano, CEO Transgrid
  • Michael Thorpe, Managing Director, Global Head of Infrastructure and Utilities, Commonwealth Bank Australia
  • Adam Bacon, Director, General Electric Australia and New Zealand
  • Tony Wood, Director of Energy, Grattan Institute
  • Tim Nelson, Head of Economics and Sustainability, AGL

This Symposium provides an outstanding opportunity for those either involved with the electricity industry or with an interest in one of the most critical transitions in this sector to gain an appreciation of the breadth and scope of the ramifications involved as well as contributing to an important national debate.

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National AIE Conference 2016

The National AIE Energy Conference incorporating 16th Energy in Western Australia will be held on the 24-25 August 2016 at Pan Pacific Perth.

The 2016 theme is Energy Options for our Region- the Way Forward. Speakers will assess the state of play on a range of energy matters, such as fuels, technology, market and legislative developments, supply and security, emissions and consumer trends while looking to the future.

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"Australia Facing Decarbonisation: Policies, Technologies, Timing and Costs"

This international briefing provided an insight into Australia’s potential role in addressing global decarbonisation goals and may have a bearing on the future energy security of Australia. International keynotes joined Australian Panelists from the Renewables, Coal, Gas and Nuclear sectors for lively debate.

Location: Sydney

Date:  Friday 22 February

A report on the forum can be downloaded by clicking here.

Presentations can be found on the Events Page: click here

Policy Papers

Policy Paper 2/19 "One judgment brings upheaval for energy and climate policy in Australia"

Author: Robert Pritchard, Executive Director, EPIA

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Policy Paper 1/19 "Why no Energy Policy?"

Author: John McDonnell, Principal, McDonnell Policy Analysis

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Public Policy Papers: A compendium of Key Points (to February 2019) 

Since May 2013 the Institute has published 23 Public Policy Papers.

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Public Policy Papers : A Compendium of Key Points (Aug 2016)

  • Edit

Since May 2013 the Institute has published twelve Public Policy Papers.

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What's New

The ESB’s Alarming Report on the ‘Health of the National Electricity Market"

Author: Robert Pritchard, Executive Director, EPIA

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Submission to the Department of the Environment and Energy on its Public Consultation Paper:

“Underwriting New Generation Investments.” (October 2018)

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Policy Research Note: "The Likely Viability of Nuclear Power in Australia"

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A Preliminary Commentary on the Collapse of the National Energy Guarantee

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The Institute’s submission to the COAG Energy Council, August 2016.

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